Sunday, January 1, 2017

Book a Psychic Reading with the Celebpsychic


Here are some reasons to seek a psychic reading:

  • You'd like to connect with a deceased relative or friend
  • You want to get a message from your higher self or spirit guides
  • You want to know who your spirit guides are
  • You want some direction in life
  • You want to know your life purpose
  • You want to find a meaningful relationship
  • You need guidance about your career path
  • You have health issues or concerns
  • You want to know your future
  • You're concerned about family members
  • You want to increase your own psychic abilities
I believe that everyone can find their true purpose by figuring out themselves and living in our always wired society, we can often confuse our real aura with the auras of the people around us on a daily basis or the people whom we see on t.v. and in the media. I seek to expose in each and everyone of my readings the real you and when we get to that then you can tackle the walls that each and everyone of us have built up.


Types of Readings

I do readings through any instant messenger service i.e. Aim, MSN, and yahoo, and by email.

$5-1 Question
$10- 15 minutes + 5 min
$15-25minute + 5 min
$20-25 minutes + 5 min
$25-45 minutes + 5min
$30-60 minutes + 5 min

I also do parties and group readings...Pricing is varied

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